STR8N UP Professional Organizing Services specializes in residential and business organization to help with eliminating clutter and reclaiming your living, work and storage spaces. With careful consideration and attention to each clients' needs, beautiful, organized and functional environments are created with a focus on aesthetics and ease of maintenance. STR8N UP strives to provide personalized and practical solutions for better, simplified living by applying knowledge and expertise to develop appropriate solutions to fit your organizational needs. STR8N UP can help you get your space back in order and teach you how to take simple, daily steps to remaining organized and clutter-free.

STR8N UP, located in Daniel Island, SC and servicing the Charleston and tri-county area, offers a wide range of services and expert advice for your organizational needs including residential and business organization, coaching, solopreneurs & new business startups, pre-move purging and unpacking move-ins, senior downsizing, project management, spatial planning, home staging, virtual organizing, speaking and organizing workshops.




Is your home not giving you a peaceful feeling? Do you find yourself anxious when you enter certain rooms or that your stress levels elevate? We want you to regain peace in your home by bringing back order and simplicity.



Do you find yourself spending more time looking for things than getting work done? Are you finding it hard to stay focused because your clutter is distracting you? Do you lack good systems? We can help you be more productive.



Just moved to the area? Feeling overwhelmed with boxes everywhere? Or maybe just downsizing to a smaller home... Let us help you with your unpacking and help you to get your home organized as you move in. 


Project Management

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Does the thought of starting another project make you want to run for the hills? Whether it's simple or complicated, small or large, we can help you with your project.


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Do you ever wonder why you keep doing the same things over and over, knowing you want a different outcome?  Let us be a light for you, no matter where you are!

Estate Clearance

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Are you faced with the difficult task of handling a loved ones estate? We strive to provide an efficient process for handling the estate in a timely and compassionate manner.



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Media Features

Click here to review media features in print and on TV and radio. Articles featured in NY Times, Charleston Home + Design Magazine, The Kitchn Online Magazine, House Calls Magazine, Native Magazine, LowCountry Parent Magazine, Skirt! Magazine, Post & Courier, Moultrie News, NAPO News, All Right Moves Blog, Center For Women Blog, Live 5 News, Lowcountry Live and New Home Charleston Radio Show.

Gift Certificates

Organizing help is often needed after a major life event or transition - new births, marriage, moving, downsizing, career changes and even deaths. Gift certificates are also great for birthdays, weddings or baby showers and other special occasions. (3 hour min. purchase)

Whatever your organizing needs may be, we can help... whether it be to organize your home office or help you with your household paper management, closet clutter, kitchen and pantry organization, bedrooms, pre-move purging and sorting, downsizing, unpacking your new home, garage storage, someone to help you with a budget for managing your bills, or simply decluttering your entire household. We can help you increase productivity, set priorities and goals, and manage your time better at the office too! Our coaching services can help you understand how you can make lasting change with your organizational needs and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we can manage your projects for you and can help with estate clearances as well during difficult times. We can help bring peace and order back to your home and work life.