The Business experience 

Do you find yourself spending more time looking for things than getting work done? Are you finding it hard to stay focused because your clutter is distracting you?

We want your home office or small businesses to run more efficiently and to be most productive.  Eliminating clutter can help you eliminate the unnecessary distractions in your everyday work life.  After all, clutter is really just delayed decisions. We can provide tools for managing your time better and help you to determine areas where delegating and outsourcing would be most beneficial. 

Areas we can help:

  • Office Space Planning

  • Records Retention

  • Email/Calendar/Task Management Systems

  • Time Management

  • Solopreneurs/New Businesses

  • Setting up Online Accounts

  • Business/Resale License Setups

  • File/Paper Management

  • Social Media Account Setups

  • Events, press releases & invitations

What you gain:

  • Hands-on help

  • Motivation

  • Usable systems

  • Projects completed

  • Start meeting your goals

  • Customized solutions

  • Regain control


Added Value Packages
Tailored to your needs. Extras may include donation removal, product suggestions and research, access via text, email, phone between sessions, integrated coaching to achieve lasting success, initial consignment setup, labeling when needed, and help with outside services.

*Discounts available for active military and seniors 65+



Need help turning your piles into files?

“Thank you Jennifer!!! You organized 5 years of paperwork in 4 hours. You are truly a wizard. I can't believe this but I actually look forward to my office day now! I know where to put everything and I don't have a panic attack when I walk into my office. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Michele Hoban, Coffee Shop Owner

"Jennifer did an outstanding job of organizing me and my office! So much so, that I have actually been able to maintain the system we set up for over a year. She is efficient and does an amazing job. I would highly recommend her."

— Cheryl Hamby


Need help with a plan?

“ Jennifer is so much more than a professional organizer, she has been my business development counselor, shared useful financial and networking tips and is a social media whiz. It's a good feeling to know she's got my back. I'm excited to see where things will continue to progress with the business goals she has helped me to set.”

— Brenda Orcutt, Orcutt Fine Art

"Thanks opened me up to the fun and benefits of social media. I can't tell you how excited ~ though a little overwhelmed, I was yesterday. Looking forward to taking this step by step and advancing my skills."

— Carol Coronis, Personal Coach


Need new systems?

“ Jennifer was extremely helpful. I work out of my home office full time with 3 kids. I constantly struggle with keeping the paperwork under control. Jennifer assessed my needs, reviewed my systems and suggested some new ones that suited my needs better for work and home. Very personable and easy to work with.”

— Jane Bride, Medical Research

"We would like to thank you again for doing such an outstanding job organizing our store before our opening. Your professional attitude and commitment to "getting the job done" was very impressive. I know it was truly a challenge working under the conditions we asked of you, but you never wavered. We absolutely love what you have done to organize our lives. We are able to work so much more efficient and easier!! I did not think it could be possible. Thanks again and we wish you continued success."

— Cindy L Clark & Delaina Carpenter, Owners - Born Again Furniture