The Residential experience

Is your home not giving you a peaceful feeling? Do you find yourself anxious when you enter certain rooms or that your stress levels elevate? We want you to regain peace in your home by bringing back order and simplicity.

We can help you to determine your needs, implement new systems of organization or improve existing systems by working with your learning & processing style so you can have success. Our hands on organizing will teach you the skills needed to maintain the systems we create. We will also provide many useful tips, tools and techniques while we are working together that you can use for maintaining order.  In person sessions are booked in 3, 4, and 6 hour increments, depending on your time and ability to sustain focused attention on the organizing process.

We also offer an annual maintenance plan option to suit your needs, should you want extra accountability for your systems created.  This will be offered during our completion of work, to determine what needs you might foresee.  Optional needs might include seasonal wardrobe shifts and holiday decor. 



Areas we can help:

  • Closets

  • Kitchens and Pantries

  • Home Offices

  • Papers / Filing / Digital

  • Laundry/Utility Rooms

  • Bedrooms

  • Playrooms

  • Garages

  • Living Rooms

  • Media Rooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Photos / Memorabilia

  • Budgets / Bill Pay Management

What you gain:

  • Hands-on help

  • Motivation

  • Usable systems

  • Projects completed

  • Start meeting your goals

  • Customized solutions

  • Regain control

Rates and Hours

Added Value Packages
Tailored to your needs. Extras may include donation removal, product suggestions and research, access via text, email, phone between sessions, integrated coaching to achieve lasting success, initial consignment setup, labeling when needed, and help with outside services.

*Discounts available for active military and seniors 65+



Where to start?

“Jennifer is the person to go to if you are in a mess, overwhelmed with no idea where to begin. I have a large craft/office that I was in desperate need of organizing help. She wastes no time, jumps right in & gets to work. I was amazed at how much we got done on the first day! Nothing seems to overwhelm her, she starts somewhere & before you know it things are organized. If you are serious about "straightening up" Jennifer is the woman to call. Thanks Jennifer.”

— Sue Odenwelder

“Awesome... what I felt was a never ending task was completed in 3 hrs. ya ya baby, who's house is on its way to being organized? house! Thanks Jen!”

— Drita Borel

"Thanks Jennifer! I was very impressed with what we were able to get accomplished! You clearly work hard and are extremely efficient. I am thankful you kept me on task and I so admire your energy and work ethic. I appreciate your sensitivity to my budget and am thankful you were willing to fit me in so quickly. I feel you gave me more space, less stress and more momentum to conquer my other organizational goals!"

— Traci Haberman

"Jennifer looked around and quickly decided what had to happen in sequential order to plan my closet overhauls. First she noticed a shelf spilling over with albums/ loose pics. I assumed only I could tackle this but in a few hours, we had every last picture in photo boxes, each indexed and labeled. It was fast, easy and the beauty is I can find a picture within a minute! Organizing the first closet took no time and the purchased bins fit perfectly on the shelf. Her vast product knowledge helped in determining what we needed. I learned to part with things I’d been storing unnecessarily. Jen is amazing, efficient; and kept me focused in a caring way and gave me ideas for the future to keep it str8n'd up! Thanks Jen!"

— Nancy Callender

"STR8N UP has made an enormous difference! Jennifer is smart, conscientious, kind, and patient. She works SO hard when she's here! TERRIFIC lifesaver."

— Caroline Beeland


Systems not working?

"Jennifer is AWESOME! She came to help me organize my home and to help develop systems to manage my household. She did that and so much more! She was punctual and very conscientious of my time and budget. She gave 110% from the time she walked in until the time she walked out. Her creativity made use of spaces in ways I would have never thought of! She had me take pictures before our appt, send them to her and she assessed what was needed and came prepared. She helped me to find additional items needed. She developed a plan to help with areas I could do on my own. Afterward, she followed up with some things over the phone and answered any questions I had. I can't wait for her to come do my master closet! Fantastic organizer, fantastic person, I highly recommend her!"

 — Sharon Fletcher

"Thank you so much for getting me on the road to recovering my space! It was great to meet you and you are just as nice as the voice on the phone! On a scale of one to ten -- you are most definitely a ten in every way -- professionalism, personality, and service to your client. I am sooo very glad that I found you."

— Pattie Rivers

"I am very grateful for Jennifer’s help in transforming our lives to a much more manageable state and making our home more lovable - I highly recommend her services. Having her come was like a heavy burden lifted, one we were unaware of carrying. It’s amazing how much being organized can lower your stress! Her invaluable insight and practical ideas for keeping organized has taught us to manage our home and lives better."

— Sophie Fowler

"Jennifer is a GEM!! She is friendly and gets right to work, does not waste a minute and goes above and beyond suggesting how you may want to consider disposing, consigning or selling those things you no longer want. I have used her service 3 times for kitchen organizing, shelving set up and storage set up and reorganizing. I can recommend her with great enthusiasm and the end result will make your environment better than ever!"

— Sharon DeGrace

Need a plan?

“Jennifer is a fantastic organizer! She organized my closet and gave me usable tips that I can apply in other areas of my home. Once things are in order, it's simple to KEEP them that way. She even inspired me to work on my kitchen! If you're in need of order in your home, she's definitely the one to call! Thanks for all your efforts Jennifer!”

— Ginger Lockwood

"Jennifer is a true professional! She is excellent at organizing, but she also teaches you how to organize, and never makes you feel that you can't do it! She works EXTREMELY fast, so you know you're getting your "money's worth" and the feeling that she leaves you with is PRICELESS! She is truly gifted and her help changed my life."

— Angie Blackwood

"We've never been organized people by nature but I reached a breaking point when dealing with our cluttered mess. My husband came home to see our amazingly tidy bedroom (a first for us in our 7yr marriage) and an incredibly clever re-arrangement of our tiny dining room/kitchen combo. He was astounded and immediately told me this was worth every penny and to feel free to have you come back (a big shock!). You started working the moment you arrived and I really felt you wanted us to get the most for our money. I now have a whole new kitchen with doubled counter and drawer space. Everything has a place. I hope you know how much we appreciate what you do!"

— Brad and Katherine Collins

"I just wanted to send you a quick letter of sincere appreciation and gratitude. Since, we moved into our house I never felt like I truly "unpacked" until you and the entire team came in and reorganized my closets. I no longer use those huge bulky bins! I have so much room now that we don't need to pack up and put our seasonal clothes away. We are so blessed to have won the drawing last year. The entire team did an excellent job! Thanks again for everything!"

— Colleen Mahoney. DI Home Show Winner

"Jennifer did a wonderful job! One of the best things I treated myself to in a long time!! Clean and organized = less stress!! Thank you Jennifer!"

— Jennifer Milstein