The Moving experience

Just moved to the area? Feeling overwhelmed with boxes everywhere? Or maybe just downsizing to a smaller home... Let me help you with your unpacking and help you to get your home organized as you move in.  I can help you to have a smoother moving experience.

In a downsizing situation,  this usually involves getting rid of certain items to avoid being cluttered and cramped in your new home. I can help you to determine what to do with those items and assist in many ways.  I can also arrange for removal of boxes to help eliminate all the clutter during the process of getting settled. 

Areas we can help:

  • A Moving Plan

  • Downsizing

  • Pre-move purging

  • Move project management

  • Home staging

  • Disposal of unwanted items & furniture

  • Service provider referrals

  • 3D spatial planning

  • Unpacking & setup

  • Removal of moving boxes

What you gain:

  • Peace of mind

  • A customized plan

  • Relief from added stress

  • Resources



$75-$150/hour unpack & put away

Unpacks can require multiple people starting at $120/hour. 




Need to see the light?

“ I am so thankful to have met you...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that's thanks to you. This move seems much more difficult to me - of course, not moving into an empty house seems to have taken a toll on me... I was out of focus and enthusiasm for the project. So thank you for bringing that.”

— Ann Billeter, Artist

"One of my favorite motto's is to "Simplify your life."  With a broken leg and 2 small children, my home became completely cluttered and disorganized.  I was desperate and felt completely out of control.  Jennifer helped stage my home to sell and had a creative eye for taking existing furniture and rearranging it to give my home a more open and spacious feeling.  As a result of her simplifying and making my home more functional, I could think clearer because of less clutter and could actually "simplify my own life". I felt so refreshed."

— Rebecca Morrison, Owner Crystal Clear Cleaning

"Jennifer is incredible at what she does! We purchased an older home and after doing some remodeling were at a loss for how to evolve, and incorporate our belongings and lifestyle without losing the character of the older home. Jennifer has an amazing eye for the details needed to pull it all together while being mindful of the budget. From helping shop to select items to spending lots of time rearranging, she knows how to make it happen and we couldn't be more pleased!"

— Gregg Fesler, Real Estate Agent

"Hello! Well let me just say this: AWESOME, FANTASTIC, OUTSTANDING, INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE, DEDICATED, PROFESSIONAL, FAST, ORGANIZED, SUPERB, BETTER THAN EVER IMAGINED, SUPERB, EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. We could have never accomplished in days what we accomplished in hours! We cannot say thank you enough!"

— Anna Belle Farrington, North American Manufacturing Company - Manager

“Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate your support, effort and hard-work. I cannot express in words how grateful I am that l found you and the difference you are making in my life. Peace & Blessings...”

— Anice Carr

Need to feel settled?

“I wanted to thank you so much for spending two days unpacking our house for this whirlwind move to Charleston. I don't know how I would have done it with three kids. The systems you set up have been so helpful and we're maintaining pretty well. We will totally recommend you!"

— Dani Byham, blogger and supermom

"I hired Jennifer to assist with organizing our kitchen and closets after our move into our new home. She brought in a helper and the (overwhelming) job was done efficiently and very effectively. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who could use a little more organization in their life."

— Sarah Hays, Entrepreneur

"We are pleased indeed! Your service is a blessing to folks, including us, who are weary from a move and new life situation. I'm looking forward to getting home to a much more settled house this evening thanks to you!"

— The Weavers

"Jennifer, words do not adequately express my gratitude for all of your assistance and suggestions. I never would have been able to accomplish what you did for me. Thanks again. You are a miracle worker."

— Marsha Voges

"Jennifer helped me accomplish in four hours what I thought would take 40! We had recently moved into a new house and the entire upstairs where my two son's rooms are were still completely unpacked. In half a day, we had unpacked and completely organized the space and she had tons of helpful suggestions that truly aided me in finding a place for everything in a way that looked great and was economical and efficient. Truly the best investment I could have made for my peace of mind and our new home."

— Brooke Dooley

Just had to give a shout out to Jennifer for helping me declutter and get all my closets organized this evening before our showing tomorrow. We knocked it out in just under 2.5 hours and it looks SO much better. She also helped me stage my living room better using my own furniture, and it looks great. If you're selling your house and need some help getting it show-ready, give her a call for a consultation. SO worth the money!!

— Jessica Copenhaver


Need the extra "umph" to get it done?

“Jennifer- I checked out your website - a big key in promoting who you are - and wrote you an email Monday night. You called me Tuesday (responsive)...and fit me in to work Wed (quick). I like dealing with service people who are technically savvy...and you are that! Your presence on Facebook, Pinterest and other media were impressive. Also, your follow up: during our session, you asked some significant entrepreneurial questions: did I meet your expectations? Is this what you expected? Was this a good value? You reminded me of your services and incentives, were punctual and credible. I have always admired entrepreneurs courage to take that leap of faith...from my perspective, you are doing all the right things. When you stepped in my door, I felt an instant rapport and we got right to work. You helped to gently nudge me in the direction I needed to go, and at my speed. You were not offensive (a concern when letting a "professional" into my personal space). You have national credentials and abide by ethical standards - I knew you were serious. Lastly, thank you for taking my donations away; something unexpected yet tremendously appreciated. I'm already overwhelmed with lightened my load... That's a huge "icing on the cake" added value with one less thing on my towering to do list. I congratulate you on finding your passion and making it a viable business. I am deeply grateful for the brief time our paths crossed and look forward to your involvement in future projects. Your services are a huge value! Thanks for your efficient help and being everything I could have asked for! You were the umph I needed to get out of my own way! Your energy and nonjudgmental attitude about going through all my "stuff" really helped."

Deb Davidson, Vice President – Human Resources

"Jennifer did an amazing job helping us unpack our boxes and get everything put away in it's "appropriate place" during our move! She arrived as soon as the movers delivered the boxes and everything was put away within a few hours! I mean, she organized our entire kitchen with a couple of hours and then did the rest of the house within several more hours! With 1 full day of work, she accomplished what would have taken me days, weeks, if not months 😂! After her help with our move, we had her come back to organize our garage. Every time I looked at the garage, I felt overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. She did a complete redo in no time! I, hands down, absolutely recommend Jennifer! She will make you feel like the organized person that you used to be or strive to be and will definitely help you check a big thing off of your "to-do" list!"

— Leigh Arden Beck