Unpacking Your Decorations and Re-Storing After the Holidays

As you approach the holiday decorating this year, keep in mind all of the neglected decorations that have not been used in prior years that you skim over as you are pulling out all of your twinkly treasures. Make a point to pull them all out and set aside what you are not planning to use again. Once all of your decorations have been put in place, determine why you are not using the forgotten items and ask yourself these questions…

 Do I love it? Did I ever love it? Does it make me happy?
 Does it bring me good memories or bad memories?
 Did someone give me them and I feel guilty getting rid of them?
 Do they not match my décor?
 Are they damaged or broken?
 Would I miss them if they were gone?
 How long do I need to keep it? When can I get rid of it?
 Will I actually ever use it again? When and under what circumstances?
 What’s the worst that can happen if I get rid of it?
 How much space does it require? Is it taking away space from something I really want?

Give yourself permission to get rid of these items if you can’t answer the above questions positively. Consider donating any undamaged decorations before the holiday season is over so someone else might be able to enjoy them.

Once the holidays are over and it is time to take the decorations down, check for any items that may have been broken and discard them. Try packing decorations by room or by theme so all your items will be packed by "likes" with "likes". There are all types of specialty storage containers for the holidays now for ornaments, wreaths, trees, etc. Shop for the proper storage containers based on where your items will be stored and what kind of protection you will need. (ie. Attics, garages, inside closets, etc.)

Also, stores will have all of their storage containers and holiday decorations on sale after the holidays, so it could be the perfect time to get those stored decorations organized and restocked for the next year.